Sponsorship Form

Sponsorship Form

Dear Potential Parkview Cross Country Sponsor,

          Our team, Parkview Cross Country, is currently seeking sponsors for our 2017 Fall season.  Due to the nature of our sport, we travel a lot to compete against the best competition in the southeast, and sponsorships help us cover those meet expenses – hotels, buses, etc.  Much of our success is due to the financial assistance from our nearly 40 proud sponsors.  We would love to have you become a part of our family for the 2017 season! 

          As a potential sponsor, there are two different ‘levels’ for which you can assist our team.  The first one, “Blue Sponsorship”, is a $100 contribution to our team.  To show our appreciation, we will give you a plaque with our team picture and the name of your business for you to display proudly.  Additionally, your business (either by name or logo – your choice) will be showcased on our team t-shirts as well as our website (www.ParkviewRunning.com).  Our second option, “Orange Sponsorship”, is a $150 contribution to our team.  With this sponsorship, you get everything with the “Blue Sponsorship”, but we will also include two of our team t-shirts for you to wear as a proud sponsor of our team.  Your business will also appear at the front of our rotation on the website and on the top of the list.

          We thank you for your consideration in sponsoring our team.  Again, we wouldn’t be as successful as we are without the help of people like you assisting us with our needs.  We look forward to adding your name as a proud sponsor of Parkview Cross Country.

-         2017 Parkview Cross Country Team




Cross Country Sponsorship Form 2017

*All sponsorships are due to Coach Demarest by Monday, July 24th, 2017.  PLEASE ATTACH CASH OR CHECK TO THIS FORM!!!

Company Information (Please Print)                                                                                          Date _______________

Business Name _________________________________________ (as you would have it appear on t-shirt)

Contact Name _________________________________          Phone _________________________________

Address ______________________________________________________________________________                              street                                                                                     city                                                                  state                                                              zip

Email address _________________________________________

Website _____________________________________________                                                                                                                                     to link from our website

Business Card Attached?              ___ yes                                ___no

(Artwork can be mailed to Coach Demarest at parkviewcoachdxc@gmail.com in PDF or JPEG)

PLEASE PICK ONE (highlight/circle on here) :

Orange Sponsorship:  Total Cost - $150 per sponsorship (includes plaque w/ team picture and 2 team t-shirts)   


Blue Sponsorship:  Total Cost - $100 per sponsorship (includes plaque w/ team picture)

Advertiser’s Signature ___________________________________________


************************** To be completed and returned by cross country runner************************************


Athlete receiving credit for sponsorship: _________________________________________________________

Sponsor’s Payment Method (circle one):                              CASH                                        CHECK  

(NOTE:  Please have sponsors make checks payable to Parkview High School Cross Country Booster Club Association)

Check # (upper right of the check – will help us with bookkeeping)  ___________________

Thank you for your efforts in supporting Parkview Cross Country.